Pumpkin Carving, Tattoos, Patterns, Templates

Are you ready for Halloween season to begin? Culinary Supplies has just the things to get you started with your pumpkin garnish.  For beginners we have pumpkin carving tools, patterns, tattoos or templates to get your pumpkin garnish completed! Choose from a variety of Pumpkin WOW patterns through our online Culinary Supplies Inc store and have fun! Find Culinary Supplies pumpkin carve tools to assist in your jack-o-lantern.  Find a full selection of fruit carving knives, pumpkin carving knives, pumpkin scoops and tools sold individually or in convenient sets. Find packaged combos with an extra savings for yourself through Culinary Supplies.  We have packaged a deluxe pumpkin carving tools set giving you more intricate cutting and shaving of your pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns.  Split the pumpkin carving set up so two of you can work on different pumpkins and create their pumpkin art for your family, friends, and little goblins to see.  Included you will have different sizes of tools to shave, carve and get unique carving into your pumpkin garnish display in your neighborhood.  Package this with one of the Pumpkin WoW tattoos and have your fun! Our pumpkin carving tools will last along time if used and cleaned properly. See below the photo sample of how to peel, soak, apply, carve and WOW anyone! Culinary Supplies has a variety of pumpkin carving tattoos to choose from in sets and or individually.  Carve like a professional and or use your own artistic pumpkin design with our useful pumpkin garnish tools we have for you to choose from!  Find below different pattern sets but be sure to look online our website and you will see all the pumpkin tattoo choices we have to choose from.


The Classic Collection Frightful Patterns:  This party package of 12 Halloween tattoos are for the advanced fruit carver level. In this collection of Pumpkin tattoos you will create 2D and 3-D images to include Midnight Playground- the haunting look of the cemetery, Grrr, The Gathering, Frightful Ride, Overheating, Ha Ha Ha, Paneful, Pile Up, Mountain Music, Bell Witch, Decrepit, and Egyptian Cotton. Expert level fruit carvers are suggested for these tattoos. Spiders, Zombies and cemeteries are a definite when you think of Halloween scare.


The Family Collection: is a fun filled package of 12 tattoos created especially for kids, beginners or quick Halloween party fun ideas! In this package of Halloween tattoos you will receive Cowboy Bandit, Heart Hands, Princess Power, Grimace, Patch, Innocence, Haunting for Fun, T-Rex Roar, Raggedy Rita, Playful Flight, My Grill and Unicorn Magic

RayVillafaneTattoospaEpicThe Epic Patterns Villafane Collection Tattoo Party Pack  is in the photo above.  The six shaved patterns will give you a 3D sculpted look on your pumpkin.  This set is the only set you will find having the shaved designs and are not sold individually.  Also, included in this pumpkin tattoo party pack are 6 standard carved designs.  The Villafane Party pack includes Breaking Out, Funny Face, Gridiron Greatness, Lace Face, Ouch and Zipperhead.

See here a demonstration of how the Halloween decals work!


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Health Benefits of Fresh Coconut, Knives, Tools

Fresh Coconut Benefits:  The growth of fresh coconuts takes place on the palm trees in the tropical climate conditions. The fresh coconut is an essential part of the daily health benefits of diet for many people who live in the tropical climate areas and with all their benefits why not you? The health benefits are found of fresh coconut are in the milk and meat. The milk is best found in young coconuts and can be heard by shaking your coconut for a liquid noise inside. You can use the coconut meat in its raw shape after removing it from its hard shell with Culinary Supplies de-meat coconut tools.  You can find coconuts meat in raw shape in stores without the hard shell or you can purchase coconut knives for its milk or other coconut tools for the coconut meat and do it yourself for less. You can use coconuts in many ways including with a variety of different type of dishes. Besides that, the coconut milk which is also known as the coconut water is popular because of its amazing health benefits and taste. At Culinary Supplies there are easy to use coconut knives and tools such as the  coconut milk tool  and coconut de-meat tool for enjoying fresh young green coconuts. Using the coconut knife is easy just insert in one of the 3 soft spots in the coconut for its water.  Unlike most of the plant foods coconut contains a high amount of saturated fats and most of the fat in the coconut meat is medium chain fatty acids that breaks quicker as compared to the longer chain fatty acids and easier to digest. These types of fatty acids are ideal to control the level of cholesterol in the body. The one cup of coconut meat contains sufficient amount of fiber which is necessary for the digestion process in the body. Besides that, fiber also helps you in feeling full so you don’t have to eat many times during the day. One cup of coconut meat gives you two third of your daily magnesium requirement which helps you in metabolizing the proteins as well as fats. Besides that, the coconut meat is an ideal source of acquiring the copper and potassium. Below you will see the photo of a coconut de-meat tool from Culinary Supplies.  Follow this link here to get just the coconut meat tool.


coconut meat tool culinary supplies - Copy Benefits of Using the Coconut Milk

The recent research reveals that coconut milk is extremely helpful in avoiding the cardiovascular problems. It has been said that  regular usage of coconut milk keeps your blood sugar level under control. If you are looking to control your body weight, you can use the coconut milk in various different ways that help you feels fuller quicker. Coconut milk is a great cure for immediate relief in the joint pain as well as arthritis disease.  Besides health related benefits, the coconut milk gives you several beauty benefits that relate to your skin.  It is helpful in moisturizes as well as nourishing the skin to give a fresh look. You can find many famous brands of beauty products that uses the coconut milk.  You can also use the coconut milk raw, or by adding in some recipes. At Culinary Supplies you can get both coconut tools to get both the coconut  meat and the coconut milk or water to enjoy the nutrients of the coconut benefits enjoyed by many others.

Coconut milk is easy to make.  You will need a blender, 3-4 cups hot water, 2 brown coconuts. After getting whatever water out of your fresh coconut through piercing the coconut with Culinary Supplies coconut knife through one of its 3 soft spots you will need to use Culinary Supplies coconut de-meat tool and get the coconut meat out.  Be sure the water and coconut meat are clear of their debris. Put coconut meat, its coconut water and begin to add 2 cups hot water and begin blending, continue adding water up to the 4 cups of water so that it is smooth.  Once smooth pour coconut mixture through a nut milk bag into a picture for your fresh coconut milk and refrigerate.

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October Month Halloween shows

Do you enjoy the fall season as the weather begins to change, kids are in school, football games have started and new programs begin as you nestle with a blanket in the ever changing conditions outside as nights begin to cool off?  The days grow shorter and its time to put your summer apparel and decorations away and bring out the blankets, and fall color themes out.

October is a great month to see some of the ghoul as everyone starts thinking fall themes, Halloween themes, costumes, fall sweaters, October 31, 2015, Halloween, pumpkins and scary movies and pumpkin pie.  Food TV has started its 5th season of bringing a new twist to Halloween showing experts on how pumpkin decorating can prove to be challenging via a variety of pumpkin themes including Halloween Wars via professional teams in cake decorating, candy decorators and pumpkin carvers as they weed out a team each of the four episode competition for a grand prize to win $50,000 hosted by Rossi Morreale .  If you enjoy this catch Food TV and look for the Halloween Wars Halloween pumpkin competitions starting October 5, 2015.

overheating-tattoo-pumpkin-carving - Copy


We are Culinary Supplies enjoy the Halloween season as we bring out the multiply pumpkin carving tools, pumpkin scoops to clean the pumpkin seeds out and the fun filled Professional pumpkin tattoos and pumpkin patterns for Halloween lovers to buy and decorate with starting out their fun filled fall themes. We also carry the how to video created by Ray Villafane known for his Halloween gore and seen in past shows of Food TV.

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Halloween Time: Carving Pumpkins

Trick or Treating, Halloween and kids but is that all? Absolutely not! People of all ages bring out the spirit of

Professional Pumpkin Carving

Professional Pumpkin Carving Tattoo and Carving Tools available at CulinarySupplies.Org

Halloween during the fall of the year! You will see fall themes including Halloween decorations in offices, as well as homeowners decorating both in and outside their houses.The pumpkins start showing up in the stores, at farmers markets and coming out of many home owners gardens as they begin to decorate for the fun filled start of fall. The trees are changing colors, the cooler nights slow up the lawn mowing and the crops in the fields begin to die out ready for harvest. We start to think of soup for meals as the evenings bring in that sweatshirt weather.

A fun way to bring in the entire family for some group fun is going out and finding what each like for choice of pumpkins and then decorating and carving your pumpkin which means you need a quality set of pumpkin carving tools. Will the pumpkin be big, small, flat on one side or the traditional oblong look? Pumpkin carving started many years ago and has become quite a hobby for many as they took this idea and began fruit and vegetable carving all year long in many unique ways to show the delicate beauty of fruits and vegetables to appetite the palate. Starting out you may want pumpkin decals or pumpkin tattoos for each family member to go with those pumpkin carving tools to follow before becoming a free lance pumpkin carver.

Chef Ray Duey began many years ago as he grew his business from being a Chef full time cooking and started teaching fruit and vegetable carving as a way of differentiating himself from many other Chefs. Chef Ray has become very well known throughout the USA by many other Chefs and other culinary interests groups as he details his fine arts teaching others.

Getting back to pumpkin carving what will your pumpkin look like this year? Have a safe and Happy Halloween 2015.

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Learn Thai Cooking from A Thai Cooking Maestro – The Art of Vegetable Garnish

Learn Thai Cooking from A Thai Cooking Maestro – The Art of Vegetable Garnish

Forget health tourism, Thai cooking is the first best thing to be imported from Thailand to the rest of the world and for a long time, it will remain so. Don’t be surprised that most of the tourists visiting this country will have Thai cuisine on the top of their to-do lists. Pad Thai, Kuay Tiew, Som Tam, Gai Med Ma Moung, Geng Kheaw Wan Gai, Tom Kha Gai … the list of the most adorable Thai cuisines that will give your palates a run for their money is endless!

How would you like to learn how to make your own Thai cuisines at home, with Thai imported accessories like carving knives, cleavers and coconut meat knives? Culinary Supplies is your one-stop center for educational resources from Thailand that will teach you how to get value for your money. Plate decorating is a very well preserved Thai tradition.

Get the Art of Vegetable Garnish by Sopapan Amatadecha, a handbook that you will want to stay in your family for many generations, because Thai cuisine doesn’t change with time. Authentic Thai recipes remains as good as ever.

Many books have been written about the indelible Thai Cuisine. However, none will come close to this one written by Thai carving expert Sopapan Amatadecha with all of 168 pages of information, pictures and handy tips for how to carve vegetables and fruits Thai fashion such that they retain their aroma, taste and most importantly, their robust nutrients.

In this book, you will find that no vegetable is too little or mundane to be ignored and no vegetable is too big to be handled in Thai Cuisine. From how to carve garlic, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, eggplants to pumpkins and radish, carving and cooking maestro Sopapan gives each vegetable a thorough study, down to the last detail.

According to Sopapan, don’t just carve! It is paramount that you also learn how to choose the best vegetable in the market. Thus, in the coverage of the vegetables, you will find information that will make an expert out of you regarding vegetables.

In accompaniment to this handy book, buy Thai coconut graters, carving knives, meat cleavers and other accessories. After all, a cook is just as good as his accessories. Cuisine at Culinary Supplies has you covered.

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Panang Curry with Rice

Panang Curry with Rice
2 skinless chicken thighs, cut into cubes
2 large carrots, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 can (14oz) full fat coconut milk
2 tablespoons of panang curry paste
2 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon fish sauce
Thai chili peppers
Fresh Thai Basil leaves
Fresh Cilantro to garnish

In a large pan melt the coconut oil over medium heat. Then add 2 tablespoons of panang curry paste and ½ a can of coconut milk to the pan and mix well. Next, add diced carrots and simmer until almost soft. Then pour the remaining coconut milk in with the fish sauce and stir until mixed well. Next, add chicken and diced red bell peppers and allow the chicken to cook thoroughly. Garnish with chili peppers, fresh Thai basil, and fresh cilantro. Serve with rice and enjoy this panang curry!

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